Category 8 FTP Field Terminable Plug
Part Number
Our Category 8 fully shielded cabling solution support transmission of data up to 40Gbps over balanced twisted pair copper cabling.  This Cat. 8 system has been tested and confirmed to meet the latest Category 8 ISO Standard configuration: 2m+26m+2m and 1m+5m+1m Channel.  It maintains backward compatibility with Category 6A / 6 / 5e systems.
Product Image / Requirements




  • Delta verified Cat. 8 Channel Class I performance.
  • Design supports toolless termination.
  • Our 360° shield housing provides secure data transmission.
  • High quality die cast housing.
  • Multi-layered printed circuit board enhances quality and reliabilty of the system.
  • Unique patented contactor-design ensures reliable performance.
  • Our 360° shield housing provides EMI and RFI protection and prevents Alien Crosstalk.
  • The design of two layered cable manager enables faster and more convenient termination for installer.